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Information about Chrysalis House Association can be found on this website. You may also wish to look at our Facebook page for up to date information about our activities. As an organization rooted in feminist philosophy, you will see we use the term "violence against women (VAW)" where others may use terms like domestic violence or family violence. We believe in the right of all women to live free from violence and abuse. We also know that women are most often the victim in cases of intimate partner violence that result in serious physical harm or death.

We encourage you to use materials from this website to use as part of your research and/or presentations. We have also included links to information you may find useful from other agencies and organizations.


If you require more information from a representative of Chrysalis House, please call (902) 679-1922 to speak to a staff member or contact us by email

For more information on our available Programs & Services, download the PDF below:

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